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Born in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in 1994, Diana Poput completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts and the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca.

In 2015 she studied with Erasmus scholarship for a semester in Spain at Cuenca, Universidad De Castilla la Mancha where she developed her first installation – ‘Sine qua non’.

In 2016, with the same scholarship, at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera di Milano she started the ‘Finestre’ series - a long-term project.

During 2020 she’s been part of the Erasmus Mobility for Placement at Laurentiu Adrian Craioveanu studio in Lodi, Italy, within her Ph.D. at the University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca, where she learned new sculpture techniques and started the series of marble works using materials brought by the alluvium of the Adda River. Currently she lives and works in Cluj and Bucharest.

S O L O   E X I B I T I O N S  /  A R T I S T  T A L K S

2023 –  Pòros - Institut Français de Roumanie à Cluj, curator Xenia Tinca

2023 –  Pòros - Doris Ghetta Gallery, Ortisei, IT

2022Ecologies of Repair Conversations with Diana Popuț, Thea Lazăr and Adelina Luft - curator, Tranzit House, Cluj-Napoca, RO

2021 –  Viewing Room - Zorzini F Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, RO

2021 –  Suddenly Clear  (Duo exhibition with Mihai Plătică) – curator Georgia Țidorescu, assistent curator Dr. Bogdan Iacob, exhibition commissioner Dr. Dan Breaz, Art Museum, Cluj-Napoca, RO

2020 - Atelier: Diana Popuț - curated by Laurențiu Craioveanu, Studio Arte Contemporanea, Lodi(LO) Milano, IT

2018 - INTRO - A very short introduction - Cold Discussions, curated by  Laurentiu Craioveanu, MA-EC Art Gallery, Milan, IT

2015 - Sine Qua Non - Sala Escalera, Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Castilla-La Mancha, Cuenca, ES

2015 – “Lu” – Casa Matei Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, RO

G R O U P   E X I B I T O N S

2024 - Wanna Be Fog with Me? - curated by Bogdan Iacob, Culture Pallace, Iasi, RO

2022Ecologies of Repair - curated by Adelina Luft, Gaep Gallery, Bucharest, RO

2022 – Crama Oprisor awards for contemporary drawing National Art Museum, Cluj-Napoca

2019Open One – Process Gallery, Lenham, UK

2019Juventus Contemporary Art Award Anniversary - Triade Gallery, Timisoara, RO

2019The Unpleasant Show – the veil – curated by Carmen Casiuc, Jecza Gallery, Timisoara, RO

2019Objectified 2019, Cica Museum – Czong Institute for Contemporary Art, Gimpo, South Korea

2018Contramonumentul – Triade Gallery, Timisoara, RO

2018BIG Awards – Cage Gallery, Barcelona, ES

2018 - Worldwide Show – The Tabernacle, London, UK

2018 - Treasures Room - MA-EC Art Gallery, Milan, IT

2016 - Expo Marathon Recall - Art Museum, Cluj-Napoca, RO

2015 - Out of pattern - within The most beautiful books in Romania contest - Plan B Gallery,

Cluj-Napoca RO

2014Dispositions Through Time and Space, curated by Adrian Bojenoiu - Mobile Biennial 1 at MNAC, in collaboration with Pop Mihai, Bucharest, RO



2023 - Prize LA CAVE, Institut Francais, for the best exhibition of the year, Cluj-Napoca, Ro

2022 - Finalist of Crama Oprisor awards for contemporary drawing, Cluj-Napoca, Ro

2021 - Finalist of Zorzini F Gallery artistic residency open call, Cluj-Napoca, Ro

2018 – Jecza Gallery Prize, Contramonumentul, Juventus Contemporary Art Award, Triade Foundation, Timisoara, RO

2018 – Third  Prize – Contramonumentul, Juventus Contemporary Art Award, Triade Foundation, Timisoara, RO
2015 - Jury Prize - Research visit at the Biennale of Contemporary Art - Venetia & Plan B Gallery Award - Research visit in Europe, Expo Marathon Competition, Cluj-Napoca, RO

2015 - The Biennale Award, “The Drawing from the Studio" 3rd edition, Timișoara, RO


V I D E O   A R T   F E S T I V A L S

2021 - Video Art Miden, Greece - online screenings

2019 – Soundtrope Festival – Soufari Sarai, Ioannina Greece

2019 – Photometria International Film Festival - Video Art section, Theater of the Municipal Cultural multiplex – Ioannina Greece

I N T E R V I E W S  /  A R T I C L E S   /  O N L I N E   A R T   M A G A Z I N E S  /  R A D I O

2023 - - Redactia

2022 - Radio România Cultural - Arte frumoase show, Ecologies of repair

2020 - Il Cittadino - La luce che attraversa la materia: l’indagine sull’arte di Diana Poput
2020 - Artconnect Magazine – Residency in Isolation: A Diary by Diana Poput 

2019 - – Depth in Detail with Diana Poput

2018 - La Milano - INTRO presenta Diana Poput alla Galleria MA-EC

2015 - MI.MO - mierda moderna - Sine Qua Non and Tapestry project

P R I N T E D   A R T   M A G A Z I N E S ,   C A T A L O G U E S   A N D   P R E S S   P U B L I C A T I O N S

2024 – GRUPAJ, 3rd printed issue, curated by Aurora Kiraly

2024 - Annual Anthology 2023 Galleria Doris Ghetta catalogue

2022 - Sine Qua Non on the cover of Andrei Lazar's book, L'autobiographie entre le texte et l'image. Publishing house - Casa Cărţii de Ştiinţă, collection, ISBN: 978-606-17-1877-1

2020 - Il Cittadino - N. 175  (24 July)  La luce che attraversa la materia: l’indagine sull’arte di Diana Poput, Lodi(LO) Milano, IT

2018 – Average Art #29 (December) – with Finestre artwork series, Liverpool, London, UK

2018 – Wotisart #21 (December) – with Finestre artwork series, Liverpool, London, UK

2018 – A5 Magazine #21 (December) – with Finestre artwork series, Liverpool, London, UK

2018 –  Juventus Contemporary Art Award Catalogue - Contramonumentul, Triade Foundation, Timisoara, RO

J U R Y   P A R T I C I P A T I O N S


2019 - Participation in the jury made up of independent supporters, of the Juventus contest, Contemporary Art Award, in order to offer a special prize


2022 - ICC Workshop ‘Methods of presentation and sale of the artistic project’ supported by Ami Barak, organized by the French Institute, Cluj-Napoca, RO

2021 – Shortcuts, Intensive mentorship project for emerging artists, GAEP Gallery, Bucharest, RO

2020 - 2021 - Residency (Erasmus+ mobility) Studio Arte Contemporanea, Lodi (LO) Milan, IT

2018 – 2022 - University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, PhD. Student

2018 – Survival course for (young) artists - Brush Factory, Cluj-Napoca, Ro

2016 – 2018 - University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, Master’s Degree

2016 - Residency (Erasmus+ mobility) Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, IT
2015 - Residency (Erasmus+ mobility) Universidad de Castilla la Mancha, Cuenca, ES

2013 – 2016 - University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, Bachelor Degree

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