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“In the beginning was the Word (...)

and The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” (John 1:1, 14)

Through the transition of timeless to temporal, the visualization of the impossible became possible, in the material space. Thereby, the Word was given to us. Indispensable logos, changes determinator, unrivalled way through which connections are made.

The dialogue is a necessary element, human, a method of reaffirming the existence and a method of openess to the other. The man was created as a social being which develop itself through relationships. It is the way he confronts, discovers, knows, elucidates.

I shall refer, symbolically and metaphorically, to the communication between two presences, to a conversation between worlds, entities or identities, creating some nettings submitted in a conversational duct “infinite” transporter of energy and interior vibration. A musical message, a network of parallels and intersections through which “pixels” of information are passing.

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